A Pause in the Posting

Sorry I haven’t posted a pic lately. I have finally begun cataloging my thousands of images and most everything else has fallen by the wayside because this is a huge job – started way too late in the game. I had to get to it because every time I went searching for an image, it took me a whole day (or 2!) to find it. Once I am done with this project, my life will be easier. I am using cataloging software called IDImager. It was complicated to install and even more complicated to learn. I am still learning, but I am also cataloging and categorizing and renaming and reorganizing my photo files. The prospect of being able to call up every Hawaii image I’ve shot over the years with a push of a button is very exciting to me so all of this work will be well worth it in the end.

Hawaiian Beach
Hawaiian sunset
foot posed over head in sand
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