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More Jellyfish

Another jellyfish shot.  They look like something from outer space!

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Went to the Long Beach Aquarium today for the first time.  It was so cool!  Jellyfish are always fun to photograph.  It was crowded today as it is a holiday.  I’d like to go back again when its not so … Continue reading

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This is Jane.

This is Jane.  She is a regular customer at our restaurant and she is a quadraplegic.  She can’t talk either, but she comes in by herself almost every Saturday.  Most of the time she gets a double bacon cheeseburger, fries, … Continue reading

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Another Couples Portrait

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Couples Portraits

I really enjoy photographing couples in my studio.  Its fun to work with people who have a good relationship and I try to show that in the photo.

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Colorful Drips & Bubbles

Haven’t posted in a while because I was busy.  Got married on Sunday, May 15th.  I will post pictures when I get them from the photographer. This is a close-up shot of a child’s toy.  I like the colors.

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Newest Littlest Customer

Sean brought his brand new baby girl, Ember, into Fab Hot Dogs this evening, along with the new mom.  She slept peacefully through the visit.  Absolutely precious!

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New Headshot for CPA

From this morning’s shoot:  a new headshot for my CPA, Alan Sheiman.  He specializes in the Entertainment Industry and has been doing my taxes for about 16 years.  He is that good.

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Generational Portrait

We created this family portrait today.  My daughters with their father and his mother.

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Pink Rose

Lately I’ve been shooting a lot of flowers – unusual for me, but I guess its just the time of year when things are in bloom.  This rose was blooming right beside my car when I stopped for my morning … Continue reading

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