Beer Tasting at Whole Foods

The other day, Carol, Garrett and I decided to meet for a beer at the Whole Foods in Tarzana.  To our delight, there was a menu board listing the beers available for tasting.  We each chose four and they arrived on this small wooden tray.

A sampler of 4 beers.

Our sampler consisted of four beers in glasses about 4 inches high.

Woman smelling a glass of beer.

Carol takes a whiff before sipping.



Apparently, one is supposed to breathe in the fragrance of the beer and comment on the various subtleties of flavors before proceeding to the tasting of the beer.  My comment,  “It smells like beer.”

Young man with pen in hand and small glasses of beer in front of him.

Garrett takes notes on each beer he experiences.






Garrett had a small black notebook in which he records his impressions of each beer.  I knew that I was sitting with experts but was unprepared for the seriousness with which they approached their brew tasting.


We had a lot of fun tasting and discussing the attributes and distinctions of each beer and ended up buying some to take home as well.

Young man and older woman holding beer glasses and smiling.

Garrett and Carol, the beer experts.

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1 Response to Beer Tasting at Whole Foods

  1. carol shelden says:

    It was a “tasty” evening. Garrett and I are educating Susie on beer. What fun.

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