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Birthday Portrait

My youngest turned 18 recently.  I shot her birthday portrait in my studio before we went to dinner to celebrate.

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Irresistable Pooch

As I exited the escalator at the mall yesterday, I saw this little dog sitting in its owners lap like a small child.  It was so cute I just had to grab this shot!

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KnucklePUNK Jewelry For Men

Today was spent doing a photo shoot for Lisa Sirlin Hall’s new collection of KnucklePUNK jewelry for men.  A couple of different guys tried it on during the shoot and commented on the weight of it – very heavy stuff – … Continue reading

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City Hall

I like this reflection of City Hall in the glass windows of another building.  Thanks to my friend, Will, for pointing it out to me!

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Occupy LA

  This was the scene at City Hall today.  

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Bitter Melon

This is called a bitter melon.  Have no idea what it tastes like except that I am sure it is quite bitter.  Just thought it was cool looking.

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Guess what this is!

I’ll give you a hint.  I got it from the Farmers’ Market last Sunday.  

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Sunday Skateboarder

Finally I have the use of my camera again!  My battery charger and backup battery were missing so I ordered new ones online and it took FOREVER  for them to be shipped to me. This morning when I came out … Continue reading

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