KnucklePUNK Jewelry For Men

Today was spent doing a photo shoot for Lisa Sirlin Hall’s new collection of KnucklePUNK jewelry for men.  A couple of different guys tried it on during the shoot and commented on the weight of it – very heavy stuff – which made it feel good to wear.

Man's hands clasped below woman's neck.  He is wearing heavy jewelry.

It was a special treat working with model, AJ Chauhan.  He is a natural in front of the camera, a good sport, and lots of fun.

Male wearing a black suit jacket and a heavy necklace against a bare chest.shirtless warrior in heavy jewelry.

Thanks, also, to Jessica for stepping in to help!

Attractive man and woman wearing black and jewelry.
Jewelry available at No Roses Gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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1 Response to KnucklePUNK Jewelry For Men

  1. gorgeous shots, Susie! i had so much fun at the shoot. thanks to you, the very handsome model AJ and also to Jessica for jumping in at the last minute. hugs!

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