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The New Candlelight

As I walked past the darkened living room last night, I noticed my daughter sitting on the sofa, lit only by the screen of her laptop.  Grabbed my camera because there was something there in that image that I felt … Continue reading

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Fingertip to Fingertip

From today’s photoshoot: I like the play of light and shadow and the details of the skin texture here.

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Back to the Art

Today I was doing a photo shoot and started making a video on how to light for fine art nude photography.  This is one of the images from today. It was so much fun to play with the colors on … Continue reading

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Yesterday I had the pleasure and the honor of being one of the photographers participating in Help-Portrait.  Here is a link to a video which explains the event: Here are a couple of portraits that I made: This is … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner

The start of an Italian-style Thanksgiving dinner.  Here we are sitting down to the first course, antipasto. It was a wonderful dinner, surrounded by family.  

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Occupy Best Buy

Last night there was already a line up of people waiting to get into Best Buy for Black Friday!  Can you believe that these people are planning to spend their Thanksgiving in a tent outside of Best Buy?!?!

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House Hunting

Suki and I went to North Hollywood to look at a house for rent because we want to move into something nicer than where we currently live.  We found this beautiful house which was a nice size and the floors … Continue reading

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Birthday Portrait

My youngest turned 18 recently.  I shot her birthday portrait in my studio before we went to dinner to celebrate.

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Irresistable Pooch

As I exited the escalator at the mall yesterday, I saw this little dog sitting in its owners lap like a small child.  It was so cute I just had to grab this shot!

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KnucklePUNK Jewelry For Men

Today was spent doing a photo shoot for Lisa Sirlin Hall’s new collection of KnucklePUNK jewelry for men.  A couple of different guys tried it on during the shoot and commented on the weight of it – very heavy stuff – … Continue reading

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