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Fingertip to Fingertip

From today’s photoshoot: I like the play of light and shadow and the details of the skin texture here.

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Enhanced Palm Tree Trunk

There are so many different kinds of textures and colors in a palm tree.  In this photograph, the colors and textures have been strongly enhanced for my own enjoyment. 😉  If it’s difficult to recognize it as a palm tree, … Continue reading

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Night Light Patterns

I love the patterns created by these path lights!

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Colorful Drips & Bubbles

Haven’t posted in a while because I was busy.  Got married on Sunday, May 15th.  I will post pictures when I get them from the photographer. This is a close-up shot of a child’s toy.  I like the colors.

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Guess what!

  A free headshot for anyone who can guess what this image is!

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Palm Frond

Usually I just try to step over the fallen palm fronds without getting hurt.  Today I stopped to look at this one.  The sun was low in the sky, bringing out the colors and textures.

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Water Drops

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