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Bitter Melon

This is called a bitter melon.  Have no idea what it tastes like except that I am sure it is quite bitter.  Just thought it was cool looking.

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Guess what this is!

I’ll give you a hint.  I got it from the Farmers’ Market last Sunday.  

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Beer Tasting at Whole Foods

The other day, Carol, Garrett and I decided to meet for a beer at the Whole Foods in Tarzana.  To our delight, there was a menu board listing the beers available for tasting.  We each chose four and they arrived … Continue reading

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Baby Bok Choy

So, I was preparing some stir-fry for my dinner this evening.  I started to pull away the leaves from a stalk of baby bok choy and rinsing off the leaves as I went.  Suddenly I looked at the remaining exposed … Continue reading

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This is Jane.

This is Jane.  She is a regular customer at our restaurant and she is a quadraplegic.  She can’t talk either, but she comes in by herself almost every Saturday.  Most of the time she gets a double bacon cheeseburger, fries, … Continue reading

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The Sausage Maker

This man is a sausage maker.  He has a shop where he makes all kinds of wonderful sausages.  His wife and daughter work there too.  He is from Germany and has a  heavy German accent.  We bought several different kinds … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut & Pickles

Paid a visit to a sauerkraut and pickle factory out near Dodger Stadium recently.  The sauerkraut is made in big vats with lids weighted with stones. The jars of pickles and sauerkraut go through this machine to be pasteurized. This … Continue reading

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My Birthday Dinner

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The Ogawas visit Fab Hot Dogs!

My sister and her family came to check out Fab Hot Dogs!

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Another Winner at Fab Hot Dogs!

There’s been another winner in the Fab Hot Dogs’ “I Ate It All” challenge.  It took Jonas 96 days to try everything on the Fab Hot Dogs menu.  His picture will now appear on the “I Ate It All” Wall.

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