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Sunrise Over Vegas

Caught this view from my hotel room at the Paris Hotel last Friday morning.  No, I wasn’t just returning to my room, I was actually starting my day!

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What Are These Flowers?

I don’t know what these flowers are called, but I saw them the other day and had to take a photo.  They are so unusual looking and so pretty!

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Line of Palms

Every once in while when I’m driving down Sherman Way, I will look up and notice the line of palm trees growing on either side of the road.  They’ve gotten so tall that you really have to look up to … Continue reading

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Evening in LA

A peaceful night in paradise.

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Harry Palm

My friend, Alex, has a small palm tree on his porch that he has named Harry.  Meet Harry Palm.

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Took this photo in Hawaii a few years ago.  Just made it more dramatic by changing it to black and white and increasing the contrast.

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Enhanced Palm Tree Trunk

There are so many different kinds of textures and colors in a palm tree.  In this photograph, the colors and textures have been strongly enhanced for my own enjoyment. 😉  If it’s difficult to recognize it as a palm tree, … Continue reading

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This is why the phones were out.

The roots of this tree were dead and so the tree ended up collapsing over, into the street, and taking out a telephone pole on the way.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  The phone wires got wrapped around the other … Continue reading

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Beautiful Mess

Does anyone know what these flowers, or the trees they come, from are called? These blossoms, in various stages from fresh to wilted, are on the tree in front of my house.  They are pretty while they are on the … Continue reading

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Mountain View

Went to a friend’s house last night and took this shot as the last bits of light were slipping away.

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