The New Candlelight

As I walked past the darkened living room last night, I noticed my daughter sitting on the sofa, lit only by the screen of her laptop.  Grabbed my camera because there was something there in that image that I felt compelled to capture.  It was like a painting.  The modern version of candle light.

Girl in darkened room, lit by the light of her laptop screen.

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Fingertip to Fingertip

From today’s photoshoot:

two hands, fingertip to fingertip

I like the play of light and shadow and the details of the skin texture here.

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Back to the Art

Today I was doing a photo shoot and started making a video on how to light for fine art nude photography.  This is one of the images from today.

Artistic nude photo showing a woman's leg and thighs- intense color

It was so much fun to play with the colors on this one!

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Yesterday I had the pleasure and the honor of being one of the photographers participating in Help-Portrait.  Here is a link to a video which explains the event:

Here are a couple of portraits that I made:

Headshot of man with moustache.

Older blonde woman in black sweater.

This is the group of photographers that I was working with.

Group of seven people, various ages and ethnicities.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Table extending through 2 rooms with extended family seated for dinnerThe start of an Italian-style Thanksgiving dinner.  Here we are sitting down to the first course, antipasto.

It was a wonderful dinner, surrounded by family.


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Occupy Best Buy

Last night there was already a line up of people waiting to get into Best Buy for Black Friday!  Can you believe that these people are planning to spend their Thanksgiving in a tent outside of Best Buy?!?!

Front of Best Buy store with tents lined up.

Occupy Best Buy.

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House Hunting

Suki and I went to North Hollywood to look at a house for rent because we want to move into something nicer than where we currently live.  We found this beautiful house which was a nice size and the floors were so shiny that they reflected light onto the walls!  Alas, there was no central ac – a requirement for my husband.

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Birthday Portrait

My youngest turned 18 recently.  I shot her birthday portrait in my studio before we went to dinner to celebrate.

Beautiful young woman.

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Irresistable Pooch

Little white dog.As I exited the escalator at the mall yesterday, I saw this little dog sitting in its owners lap like a small child.  It was so cute I just had to grab this shot!

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KnucklePUNK Jewelry For Men

Today was spent doing a photo shoot for Lisa Sirlin Hall’s new collection of KnucklePUNK jewelry for men.  A couple of different guys tried it on during the shoot and commented on the weight of it – very heavy stuff – which made it feel good to wear.

Man's hands clasped below woman's neck.  He is wearing heavy jewelry.

It was a special treat working with model, AJ Chauhan.  He is a natural in front of the camera, a good sport, and lots of fun.

Male wearing a black suit jacket and a heavy necklace against a bare chest.shirtless warrior in heavy jewelry.

Thanks, also, to Jessica for stepping in to help!

Attractive man and woman wearing black and jewelry.
Jewelry available at No Roses Gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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